How to Play 3D MKV on Panasonic 3D TV well?

Outline: Your Panasonic 3D TV can't open 3D .mkv video source? This guide will show you how to convert 3D MKV movies to Panasonic 3D TV supported video format.

From the Panasonic 3D TV users’ feedback, although it is told that 3D MKV is supported by Panasonic 3D TV in the manual list, when importing 3D MKV to Panasonic 3D TV in the actual use, there will be much unexpected difficulty. So the users frequently complain the problems. Here, the article will explain the reason and shows thee solution to watch 3D MKV on Panasonic 3D TV in 3D mode.

MKV is a flexible, open standard video file format that has quickly become the preferred file extension for high definition video on the Internet. It is a container, which can be encoded with many codec, like H.265, Divx, H.264. So if your 3D MKV can’t be played on Panasonic 3D TV as the user manual said, it maybe because of the codec issue. 

How to make Panasonic 3D TV accept 3D MKV smoothly? A MKV to Panasonic 3D TV converter can make your 3D MKV movies appear on your Panasonic 3D TV. 

iFastime Video Converter Ultimate allows you to transcode 3D MKV to Panasonic TV supported formats with fast speed. It also can rip Blu-ray/DVD, ISO and other 4K/SD/HD video in 2D to Panasonic TV, Samsung TVSony TV and LG TV. If you want 3D mode, it has 3D MP4/MKV/AVI/MOVWMV format to output and allows you to adjust 3D depth in settings. 

Simply get the app on PC and start to make Panasonic 3D TV play 3D MKV:


Other Download:     

Steps to backup 3D MKV for Panasonic 3D TV with right format

Step 1. Load 3D MKV video 

Click “Add video” icon to load your 3D MKV video to the program. You can preview the video in the right window. 

Step 2: Choose output format

Set output video format under “Format”. If you want to 3D format, just get it in the “3D Video” column. 

Tip: If you wanna some advanced settings, you can to adjust the video, audio parameters bitare, frame rate, sample rate, audio channel, etc by clicking “Settings”. 

Step 3. Start to convert 3D MKV to Panasonic 3D TV

Click “Start conversion” button and the program will convert 3D MKV to Panasonic 3D TV accepted video immediately. You can easily find the output files in the output folders once the conversion is done.

After the MKV conversion process, your Panasonic ED TV should accept 3D MKV freely. Just try it!

In addition, if you are a Mac user, you should use the equivalent Mac version: iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

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